Our Philosophy

Finch and Company Incorporated is in business to build value for our clients. This process begins with careful planning and design that continues through lasting support after your new home has been completed.


Design is critical to the value of a home, regardless of its purpose. We've designed and built custom residential three bedroom homes to serve a single family's needs, as well as twelve bedroom oceanfronts designed to generate rental income and memorable vacations.


We strive to determine our clients' needs and desires, and help them communicate those ideas into an economically and functionally designed home. We are committed to building houses that communicate the client's ideas of what a home should be, while assuring that the design works well for the home's intended purpose.


The time value of money cannot be denied as a critical factor in our industry. We are highly motivated to quickly complete the projects we undertake. We are equally committed to allotting sufficient time to ensure quality workmanship. We are proud of our process, and our record of meeting clients' scheduling expectations. That said, after over a thousand new homes, we are still searching for every opportunity to refine and streamline our process.

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